Custom homes.
For a life lived well.


We create beautiful homes
with a passion to change lives.

Your home is your sanctuary, a sanctuary ready for change. You have a dream of what it could be. Timeless. Distinct. Beautiful. It should reflect who you are, facilitate your stage of life, make you proud to entertain and be the backdrop to a beautiful life. Bringing that dream to life, however, can leave you feeling intimidated and overwhelmed. It can be expensive to do it wrong and cost you your time, money, and sanity. Your home shouldn’t sabotage your ease of living or feel outdated.

A custom home that brings you together.

At MJ Whelan we believe that custom doesn’t just reflect your tastes, it considers your way of living. Custom also doesn’t have to be complicated. We want our clients to feel that right away and offer a team that has the capability and experience to listen, understand, translate, and build the home you envision. We build and renovate custom homes around your way of living, in a beautiful way. We start from the ground up with a conversation about what matters to you and build with a commitment to your life and vision. Our custom home builds go beyond just choosing finishes and towards enhancing the way you live every day.

A full design & build team in your corner.

Your home can be expensive and still be ugly. Beautiful and new but still dysfunctional. That’s why our in-house team of designers and builders work with you to custom design and build beautiful spaces that seamlessly consider both. Rather than losing time and potential costs in translation, we work side by side to ensure both design and function remain at their highest value to our homeowners without having to double back on work.

Live differently.

Step 1


Come and visit us. We’ll listen to your ideas, your dreams, and create a budget that reflects the possibility to bring it to life.

Step 2


Receive a design for you that fits your budget, priorities, and taste, and begin planning for what life could look like in your new or remodeled home.


Step 3


Step into your newly renovated/built home that exceeds your expectations, feels like a reflection of who you are, and creates space for a life well lived, together.


MJ Whelan is simply the best. Our story with Matt, Lisa, and the team began with a full basement remodel at our previous home. They did a phenomenal job on the project, providing what became our favorite space in a beautiful home. I would recommend MJ Whelan for many reasons… quality work, clear communication, problem solving, in-house architectural planning (huge advantage), unique and custom design, etc. I could go on and on.

– Chris W.

Let’s make your dream home possible.